Sawtooth XL Plan Update

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This is just an update on the progress of the Sawtooth XL plans. As some of you know I am developing these plans in my spare time. I am trying to dedicate as much time as I can on this project. Running a business and having a wife and 3 kids in the house makes that a challenge sometimes. I’m sure most of you can relate to that.

I am tentatively targeting the end of this month to have plans ready for purchase. No definitive date will be set but I will continue to update you on progress as it is made. I have the model nearly 100% done and have started figuring out how the plans will be structured. I am breaking it up into sections and there will be a material list, hardware list and resources list in the appendix with web links to all the items I purchased online.
See the images below for a glimpse at the model and the unfinished title sheet.
Thanks again for the interest!
Sawtooth XL V2 1 Sawtooth XL V2 2 Sawtooth XL V2 Title
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