Sawtooth XL Hatch Opinions Needed

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Greetings everyone!

I need some help in deciding how you want to build your Sawtooth XL trailers. I have come up with a hatch design that is going to be a lot easier to build than the original curved upper rear hatch corner. What I want to know is which design you prefer. I will only do one set of plans with the most popular option. There is a poll at the bottom. Please select your preferred option.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The old design was aesthetically pleasing but difficult to construct
  • The old design did not seal as well as I would have liked
  • The old design required custom made hardware to latch
  • The updated design is a lot easier to construct but may not be as pleasing to the eye
  • The updated design should seal easier/better
  • The updated design can use conventional latching hardware


Here are a couple images showing the two designs:


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